Airport Engineering

11) Pick up the incorrect statement from the following

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Glide slope antenna is installed at the centre of the runway about 150m on one side

12) A flexible pavement of runway consists of

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surface course base course and sub-base course

13) The length of the runway under standard atmospheric conditions at site is 1800 m. the design length of runway is if the actual RL of site is 1200m

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14) For the proposed runway stated in above if the aerodrome reference temperature is 170C then net designed length of the runway is

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2530 m

15) Lord ram returned from lanka to ayodhya through

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pushpak viman

16) The runway of Tribhuvan international airport is one way where landing occurs

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south to north

17) The old name of TIA was

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both A & B of above

18) The cheapest mode of transport is

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19) The name of first plane landed on the old golf course which makes the present location of Tribhuvan international Airport is

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20) For AB and c types of airports longitudinal gradient of the runway recommended by ICAO is.

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"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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