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11) Cavity walls

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all the above

12) The stretcher bond in brick masonry be used only when the thickness of the wall is

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90 mm

13) Which of the following should be used for the hearting of thicker walls?

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14) The minimum thickness of the wall where a single flemish bond can be used is

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one and a half bricks thick

15) The most important tool in bricklaying for lifting and spreading mortar and for forming joints is

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16) As compared to English bond, the double flemish bond is

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none of the above

17) Pitched and sloping roofs are suitable for

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coastal regions

18) The function of a king post in a king post roof truss is

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to prevent the tie beam from sagging at its centre

19) From the point of view of maximum day light, the windows in a room should be located on

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northen side

20) The type of window provided on the sloping side of a pitched roof is called

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dormer window

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