Building Construction

381) A cast-in-situ concrete pile with one or more enlarged bulbs on its stem is called

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under reamed pile

382) Uniform distribution of loads from walls on to piles is achieved by connecting the group of piles supporting the structure

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by a concrete beam

383) The advantage of timber piles is that they are

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flexible and light

384) The pile used to resist large horizontal or inclined force is

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batten pile

385) The piles used in the construction of coffer dams

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sheet piles

386) The thickness of steining in well foundations is generally about (where D is the diameter of the well)

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387) Which of the following materials is not generally used in making piles?

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stainless steel

388) The type of steel pile which is generally sunk in soft clay and loose sand of low bearing capacity is

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screw pile

389) The piles driven to increase the capacity of supporting loads on vertical piles are known as

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raking piles

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