Construction Management

21) Which of the following earth-moving machines has the shortest cycle time?

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Dipper shovel

22) For which of the following materials, the output of power shovels for a fixed shovel size will be maximum

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Moist loam

23) For a given size of the bucket, the ideal output of a dragline will be least in

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Wet sticky clay

24) Site order book is used for recording

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instructions of the executive engineer

25) The system Of organization introduced by F.W. Taylor is known as

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Functional Organization

26) Sinking fund is

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the fund for rebuilding a structure when its economic life is over

27) Which one of the following is not an excavating and moving type of equipment?

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Dump truck

28) Crash project duration is obtained by summing the

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crash durations for all the activities along the critical path obtained by taking into account the crash duration for all the activities.

29) Slack time refers to

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an event

30) Select the incorrect statement.

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Critical activity is the one for which free float is zero

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