Construction Materials

331) Minimum elongation of steel for Fe250 and Fe415 respectively should be

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23% and 14.5%

332) Which of the following defect is caused by vaporization of entrapped moisture or solvents in a painted surface?

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333) As a construction material, plywood is preferred to thin planks of timber because of

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good strength and dimensional stability in both lateral and longitudinal directions

334) The aggregate crushing value of coarse aggregates which is used for making concrete, which in turn is used for purposes other than wearing surfaces, should not exceed

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335) The wood preservative “Creosote” is derived from

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wood or coal

336) The approxirnate ratio between the strengths of cement concrete at 7 days and 28 days is

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337) Tensile strength of concrete is measured

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applying third point loading on a prism

338) During the conversion of timber by sawing. in order to obtain strong timber pieces, the cuts should be made by

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tangential sawing

339) The expansion and shrinkage plywoods are comparatively very low as

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plies are placed at right angles to each other

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