Engineering Drawing

11) Angles in multiples of 15° are constructed by the combined use of

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T-square and set-square

12) To draw or measure angles……… is used

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13) The working edge of the T-square is placed

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all of the above

14) The diameter of the semi-circle is called

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base of protractor

15) Set squares are not used to draw

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horizontal line

16) When only one drawing is to be made then its position should be

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Centre of paper

17) For drawing large-size circles ……… is attached to the compass

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lengthening bar

18) Working drawing space on the paper is determined by

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border line

19) The edge of the board on which T-square is made to slide is called

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working edge

20) To prevent warping of the board ……………. is cleated at its back.

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"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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