Engineering Survey

1) Which of the following instruments is generally used for baseline measurements?

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invar tape

2) The principle of ‘working from whole to part’ is used in surveying because

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accumulation of errors is prevented

3) ‘Ranging’ is the process of

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aligning the chain in a straight line between two extremities

4) An invar tape is made of an alloy of

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nickel and steel

5) Which of the following scales is largest one ?

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1 cm : 50 m

6) Theory of probability is applied to

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accidental errors only

7) The difference between the most probable value of a quantity and its observed

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residual error

8) If the probable error in single observation is +0.04 m and that of the mean is +0.01 m, then the number of observations are

9) A metallic tape is made of

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cloth and wires

10) For a well-conditioned triangle, no angle should be less than

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