Estimating and Costing

1) Estimate is

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the probable cost arrived at before commencement of the structure

2) When not specified, the volume of steel in R.C.C. work is taken as

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0.6% to 1.0% of R.C.C. volume

3) The volume of cement in one bag is

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0.035 m³

4) The information which cannot be included in drawings is conveyed to the estimator through

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5) Which of the following is known as job overhead?

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Workman's compensation insurance etc

6) Indicating works left in excavated trenches to facilitate the measurement of borrow pits are known as

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7) Which of the following comes under general overhead?

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travelling expenses

8) Which of the following is known as general overhead?

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Travelling expenses

9) When engineering departments undertake the works of other departments the amount charged towards design, supervision and execution etc., is called

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centage charges

10) The essential requirements to prepare a good estimate are

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all the above

Subject Notes

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