Estimating and Costing

11) Working out the exact quantities of various items of work is known as

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quantity surveying

12) A document containing detailed description of all the items of work (but their quantities are not mentioned) together with their current rates is called

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schedule of rates

13) Which of the following is the most correct estimate?

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detailed estimate

14) The minimum size of the pipe connected to septic tank is

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100 mm

15) The amount required to be deposited by a contractor while submitting a tender is known as

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earnest money deposit

16) The decrease in the value of the property due to structural deterioration, continuous use, wear and tear, decay and obsolescence is termed as

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17) The amount of annuity paid for a definite number of years is known as

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annuity certain

18) The continued payment of annuity for indefinite period is known as

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perpetual annuity

19) In which of the following works, the work turned in cu. m per mason per day will be the least

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stone arch work

20) The explosive for blasting is usually expressed in terms of

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"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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