21) Stoke is the unit of

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kinematic viscosity

22) A Newtonian fluid is defined as the fluid which

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obeys Newton's law of viscosity

23) Newton’s law of viscosity states that

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shear stress is directly proportional to velocity gradient

24) Pascal’s law states that pressure at a point is equal in all direction

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in a fluid at rest

25) Manometer is a device used for measuring

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pressure at a point in a fluid

26) Differential manometers are used for measuring

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difference of pressure between two points

27) A stream line is a line

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across which there is no flow

28) Irrotational flow means

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the net rotation of fluid-particles about their mass centres is zero

29) Study of fluid at rest, is known as

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30) Orifices are used to measure

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rate of flow

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