Irrigation Engineering

1) Crop ratio is defined as the ratio of area irrigated

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in Rabi season to Kharif season

2) Nitrogen content in the soil can be increased by raising one of the following crops in crop

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3) The Kharif crop is sown

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the beginning of south-west monsoon

4) Water logging is the state of the soil where

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the water table is brought very near to the ground surface

5) The water held in pores of soil by capillary forces against gravity pull is called

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Capillary water

6) The irrigation with sewage, (instead of natural water) where the disposal of sewage is the primary object is called

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broad irrigation

7) Natural fertility is generally found in

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alluvium soils

8) Which of the following soils has the least permeability

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9) Which of the following is also known as superfluous water?

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gravitational water

10) The soil moisture useful for plant growth is

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capillary water

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