Irrigation Engineering

11) The duty is largest

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on the field

12) The “outlet discharge factor” is the duty at the head of

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13) Cyclonic precipitation is caused by lifting of an air mass due to

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pressure difference

14) Infiltration is the

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movement of water through the soil

15) Infiltration capacity

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changes with both time and location

16) Infiltration rate is always

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equal to or less than the infiltration capacity

17) Which of the following has the maximum water application efficiency?

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Sprinkler irrigation

18) For an irrigation field lying in a sandy undulating terrain, the most desirable method of applying water is

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sprinkler irrigation

19) The most commonly adopted method of irrigation for cereal crops is

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check flooding

20) Which of the following methods of applying water may be used on rolling land?

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boarder flooding

"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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