Irrigation Engineering

281) In case of non-availability of space due to topography, the most suitable spillway is

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shaft spillway

282) For the upstream face of an earthen dam, the most adverse condition for stability of slope is

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sudden drawdown

283) According to Lacey’s theory, the silt supporting eddies are generated from

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bottom as well as sides of channel

284) A straight glacis type fall with a baffle platform and a baffle wall is called

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inglis fall

285) Which of the following types of falls use parabolic glacis for energy dissipation?

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Montague type fall

286) Which of the following can be used as a meter fall?

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vertical drop fall

287) Which of the following canal maintains a constant discharge?

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rigid module

288) The flow-mass curve is graphical representation of

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cumultative discharge, volume and time in chronological order

289) For no tension to develop in the gravity dam, the eccentricity of the resultant force should be

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