Mechanics and Structure

1) The shear stress distribution over a rectangular cross section of a beam follows

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a parabolic path

2) For the design of a cast iron member, the most appropriate theory of failure is

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Rankine's theory

3) The stress below which a material has a high probability of not failing under reversal of stress is known as

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endurance limit

4) Impact test enables one to estimate the property of

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5) The property of metal which allows it to deform continuously at slow rate without any further increase in stress is known as

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6) The phenomenon of decreased resistance of a material to reversal of stress is called

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7) proof resilience is the maximum energy

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elastic limit

8) The basic perfect frame is a

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9) Rankine’s formula for column is valid when slenderness ratio

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has any value

10) A long column has maximum crippling load when its

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both ends are fixed

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