Mechanics and Structure

11) Buckling load for a given column depends upon

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both length and least lateral dimension

12) A beam of uniform strength has at every cross-section same

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bending stress

13) Modulus of rigidity is defined as the ratio

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shear stress to shear strain

14) If all the dimensions of a prismatic bar are

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increase to two times

15) If a material has identical properties in all directions, it is said to be

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16) The elongation of a conical bar under its own weight is equal to

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one third that of a prismatic bar of same length

17) If a composite bar of steel and copper is heated, then the copper bar will be under

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18) A prismatic bar when subjected to pure bending assumes the shape of

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arc of a circle

19) A beam of triangular cross section is placed with its base horizontal. The maximum shear stress intensity in the section will be

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above the neutral axis

20) If the length of a simply supported beam carrying a concentrated load at the centre is doubled, the defection at the centre will become

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eight times

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