Mechanics and Structure

21) Euler’s formula for a mild steel long column hinged at 90th ends is not valid for slenderness ratio

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less than 80

22) Strain energy stored in a member is given

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0.5 x stress x strain x volume

23) If the depth of a beam of rectangular section is reduced to half, strain energy stored in the beam becomes

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8 times

24) For ductile materials, the most appropriate failure theory is

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maximum shear stress theory

25) A Mohr’s circle reduces to a point when the body is subjected to

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uniaxial stress only

26) Which one of the following statements about creep of metals is correct?

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Creep is time dependent deformation under stress

27) According to Tresca, yield locus is a/ an

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28) The specimen in a Charpy, impact test is supported as a

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simply supported beam

29) Internal forces at every cross-section in a arch are

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normal thrust, shear force and bending moment

30) The effect of arching a beam is

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to reduce bending moment throughout

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