Multiple Choice Question (2)

21) In which of the following crops are are in Rabbi groups?

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22) In a sanitary pipe line for 3m length, how many skilled labour are required

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1 person

23) In which of the following is the manning’s formula

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V= 1/n R~2/3S~1/3

24) The moment of inertia of square section is given by

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25) The maximum bending moment in simply supported beam UDL is applied

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26) In RCC work the proportion of the mixture 1:1.5:3 the volume of the cement is in 1m³

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27) The Darcy’s formula is given by

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the rate of flow is proportional to the hydraulic gradient

28) The discharge passing through the pipe having length 1.25m, height of the flow water 0.25m and Cd=0.035 is

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0.0160 cm³/sec

29) Airport elevation is the reduce level above MSL of

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highest point of landing area

30) The length of runway is increased per 300m rise above M.S.L.

"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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