Multiple Choice Question (3)

1) The depth of rice root zone is

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2) To avoid an interruption in the flow of a siphon an air vessel is provided

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At the summit

3) To optimize the earthwork in highway design the ratio of the volumes of cutting to filling should be

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Approximately equal to one

4) Arrangement made to divert the trains from one track to another is known as

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5) While analyzing the rates generally the contractor’s profit and overhead is added at the rate of

6) The method of valuation of a building as used by commercial banks is based on

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Plinth area cost

7) The estimated time required to perform an activity is known as

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8) The amount of money paid to the contractor by the client after the agreement and before the execution of work is known as

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9) Site order book is used for recording

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Instructions by the executive engineers

10) The height of the pilot’s eye above the runway surface is assumed

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