Multiple Choice Question (4)

21) Since a structural beam is subjected to transverse loads, the structural slab is thus

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two dimensional structure

22) The bearing stress is

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stress produced by the bearing capacity

23) In a pin jointed frame the sufficient condition is that there are all forces in all the members meeting at a joint are

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co-planar and concurrent

24) The Pencil used for general elevation lines in drawing is

25) Which one is the bigger scale

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26) The conceptual presentation is in general made by used of plan sketched by

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line plan

27) The equipment mainly used to transfer the measurement is

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28) The height of a building is 100m and it was drawn in drawing by 100cm what is the scale?

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29) Perspective projection is used to represent

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natural view of the object

30) In the analysis of rates the profit and over head foe the contractor is generally taken as

"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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