Structural Design ( RCC )

11) Maximum percentage reinforcement in case of slabs is limited to

12) The partial safety factor for steel as per IS: 456 —1978 is taken as

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13) The effect of creep on modular ratio is

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To increase it

14) The creep strains are

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Caused due to dead loads only

15) A beam curved in plan is designed for

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Bending moment, shear and torsion

16) High carbon content in the steel causes

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Increase in tensile strength decrease in ductility

17) In concrete, use of angular crushed aggregate in place of natural gravel affects

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Flexural tensile strength

18) Ratio of compressive strength to tensile strength of concrete

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Increases with age

19) According to Indian Standards, the grading of fine aggregates is divided into

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Four zones

20) The bond strength between steel and concrete is due to

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Both friction and adhesion

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