Structural Design ( RCC )

21) The diameter of needle used in V- apparatus for the determination of initial setting time is prescribed as

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1 mm

22) The ultimate strength of the steel used for pre-stressing is nearly

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1500 N/mm2

23) A doubly reinforced beam is considered less economical than a singly reinforced beam because

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Compressive steel is under-stressed

24) In limit state design of reinforced concrete, deflection is computed by using

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Short and long-term values of Young's modulus

25) Drops are provided in flat slab to resist

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26) In limit state approach, spacing of main reinforcement controls primarily.

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27) Deflection can be controlled by using the appropriate

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span/depth ratio

28) Shear span is defined as the zone where

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Shear force is constant

29) From limiting deflection point of view, use of high strength steel in RC beam results in

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Increase in depth

30) Case of 2-way slab, the limiting deflection of the slab is

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Primarily a function of the short span

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