Structural Design ( RCC )

331) When a number of columns are supported by beams and slab, then the foundation provide is known as

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mat or raft foundation

332) Normally counterforts in a retaining wall are spaced at an interval of

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2.5 m to 3.5 m

333) In order to make a retaining wall safe against sliding, its horizontal thrust should be less than

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total vertical load of the wall x co-efficient of friction between soil and the base slab

334) The minimum percentage of mild steel reinforcement to be provided in any direction in a retaining wall as

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335) The maximum spacing of the reinforcement being provided in a retaining wall is

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450 mm

336) The minimum thickness of stem at the top in a cantilever retaining wall should be

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200 mm

337) The minimum percentage of vertical reinforcement in R.C.C. walls with HYSD bars is

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338) The minimum percentage of horizontal reinforcement in R.C.C. walls with mild steel bars is

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