Water Supply and Sanitary

21) The suitable layout of distribution system for a city with roads of rectangular pattern

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grid iron system

22) The suitable system of sanitation for area of distributed rainfall throughout the year with less intensity is

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combined system

23) The water carriage system of collection of waste product

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requires treatment before disposal

24) slope of sewer shall be

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given in the direction of natural slope of ground

25) The velocity of flow does not depend on

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length of sewer

26) The main disadvantage of cement concrete sewers is

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difficulty in transportation due to heavy weight

27) Most suitable section of sewer in separate sewage system is

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circular section

28) An egg shaped section of sewer

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provides self cleansing velocity at low discharges

29) The type of sewer which is suitable for both combined and separate system is

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egg shaped sewer

30) Dissolved oxygen in streams is

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maximum at noon

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