Water supply and sanitary notes

Source of Water. a. Surface source:- the source containing the surface water is the surface source. Eg, Rain, River, Stream, Pond, lake, etc. b. Ground source:- the source containing below the surface of the earth. Eg, Well (shallow & deep), Artision gallery, Spring, etc. # Rain is the main source of water on the earth. […]

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Notes

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Mechanics and structure Notes

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Construction Management Notes.

Organization It is a group of people together to get things in systematic ways. needs:- Multiple Choice Question → Construction Management Types of organization a. Line or Military Organization:- under such structure all managers have direct authority over their respective sub-ordinates through a chain of command. Authority flows downwards and responsibility flows upward throughout the […]

Building Construction Notes

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"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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