Multiple Choice Question (4)

1) As per norms prepared by ministry of transport & work the number of manpower required to excavate one m3 of gravel soil

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2) Soil having less cohesion than sand

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3) At a horizontal curve the super elevation is provided to counteract

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centrifugal force

4) The main purpose of provided camber in a road is

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effective drainage

5) Total lateral earth pressure is proportional to

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square of depth of soil

6) Perception and breck reaction time depends up on

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all of the above

7) Hygroscopic water can be removed by

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8) Seal coat is mixture of

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coarse and bitumen

9) According to manning’s formula the velocity is inversely proportional to

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rugosity coefficient

10) Allowable clay silt in sand for mortar is

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4 to 6%

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