Building Construction

1) Soil investigations at a site is carried out to obtain information regarding

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all the above

2) The soil investigation method using the penetrometers belongs to the category of

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sub-surface soundings

3) The type of foundation recommended for heavily loaded steel stanchions in soils with poor bearing capacity

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grillage foundation

4) Well foundation is also known as

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5) The safety of the structure can be disturbed by

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any of the above

6) If the soil is water logged, its bearing capacity may be improved by

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7) A brick or stone put in position in the masonry such that its length is perpendicular to the face of the wall is known as

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8) The English bond in which the corners of the wall are strengthened by starting every stretcher course with a three-fourth bat at the quoin and a header is placed next to the three-fourth bat at the quoin in alternate stretcher course is called

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Dutch bond

9) A bond in which a header course is provided only after few stretcher courses is known as

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Garden wall bond

10) The English bond in which queen closers are placed next to quoin headers and a header is introduced next to the quoin stretcher in every alternate stretcher course

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English cross bond

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