Engineering Drawing

1) As per ISI recommended size of Bo drawing board is/are

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Bo (1000x1500m)

2) Details drawing are used to:-

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both of the above

3) Engineering drawing is the ……… of engineers

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4) The art of representation of an object by systemic lines on a paper is known as

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5) The drawing board is made of

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well seasoned soft wood

6) During drawing stock of T-square is placed

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adjoining the working edge of the board

7) The edge of the drawing board where T-square is made to slide is called

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working edge

8) Working edge of drawing board is kept ………… of the user.

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9) Drawing pins/cello tapes are used to

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fix the drawing

10) The two parts of T-square are……………… and ………

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stock and blade

"Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them."

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