Highway Engineering

1) The sequence of four stages of survey in a highway alignment is

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map study, reconnaissance, preliminary survey and detailed survey

2) In case of hill roads, the extra widening is generally provided

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fully on the inner side of the curve

3) The percentage compensation in gradient for ruling gradient of 4% and horizontal

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no compensation

4) The maximum design gradient for vertical profile of a road is

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ruling gradient

5) The camber of road should be approximately equal to

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half the longitudinal gradient

6) In case of summit curves, the deviation angle will be maximum when

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an ascending gradient meets with a descending gradient

7) Highway facilities are designed for

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thirtieth highest hourly volume

8) For highway geometric the speed used is

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98th percentile

9) Length of a vehicle affects

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extra width of pavement and minimum turning radius

10) Which of the following is known design capacity?

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practical capacity

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