Highway Engineering

11) When the speed of traffic flow becomes zero, then

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traffic density attains maximum value whereas traffic volume becomes zero

12) Tyre pressure influences the

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quality of surface course

13) The fundamental factor in the selection of pavement type is

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type and intensity of traffic

14) Most suitable material for highway embankments is

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granular soil

15) The binder normally used in flexible pavement construction is

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16) The drain which is provided parallel to roadway to intercept and divert the water

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catchwater drain

17) If you have to choose between an alignment of highway through cutting, embankment, pavement at ground level itself and a tunnel, the best choice is

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18) Minimum super elevation provided is

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not less than camber at the section

19) Higher value of super elevation is highly undesirable for

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mixed traffic

20) Skidding occurs on

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