Structural Design ( RCC )

1) The factor of safety for

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Steel is lower than that for concrete

2) Maximum quantity of water needed per 50 kg of cement for M 15 grade of concrete is

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32 liters

3) The individual variation between test strength of sample should not be more than

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± 15 % of average

4) According to IS: 456-1978, the flexural strength of concrete is

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Directly proportional to square root of compressive strength

5) According to IS: 456- 1978, minimum slenderness ratio for a short column is

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Less than 12

6) Lap length in compression shall not be less than

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24 dia

7) According to IS: 456-1978, the maximum reinforcement in a column is

8) A higher modular ratio shows

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Lower compressive strength of concrete

9) The average permissible stress in bond for plain bars in tension is

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Increased by 25% for bars in compression

10) The minimum diameter of longitudinal bars in a column is

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12 mm

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