Multiple Choice Question (3)

21) Traffic density depends upon the

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length of vehicle

22) The void ratio of soil is

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the ratio of voids to solids in volume

23) The area of a segment of an arch with span I and riser r is approximately given by

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24) To prevent segregation the maximum height for placing concrete is

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25) Depth of shallow tube well shall not be more than (considering economic point)

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26) Quartitze is a

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siliceous rock

27) During leveling if back sight is more than foresight then

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back staff point is lower than forward staff point

28) The quantity of brickwork quarried for a building is 10000 cft. If the size of a brick 9″*41/2*21/2″ calculate the number of bricks required

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29) The upper surface of the weir over which water flows is known as

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none of the above

30) The compression test is commonly used for testing

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brittle material

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