Multiple Choice Question (1)

11) Seasoning of timber is done

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to remove water

12) A grillage foundation is used under

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heavily loaded isolated column

13) Carpet area of a building does not include the are of

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all of the above

14) To avoid an interruption in the field of syphon, the air vessel is provided

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At a summit

15) Complemenatary color is

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color lies on opposite side of the color wheel

16) The magnitude of shear force at a distance of L/4 from either end of a simply supported beam with load P applied at mid span is equal to

17) Principle of surveying is

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working from whole to part

18) The strength of a structure in working stress method of analysis is assessed with respect to

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permissible stress

19) A contract is

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an agreement to do something especially one that is enforceable by law

20) DP switch in electrical wiring is placed

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to switch on/off both poles

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