Soil Mechanics

21) Cohesionless soils are formed due to

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physical disintegration of rocks

22) Which of the following is cohesionless soil?

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23) Which of the following statements is true?

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All the above

24) Finest grain particles are contained in

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25) Agent of transportation for alluvial soils is

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26) Honey-combed structure is found in

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fine silts and clays

27) Soil can exist in

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all the above

28) Soil is considered as

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three phase system

29) In the unit phase diagram for a soil mass

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volume of water is taken as unity

30) If kerosene is used instead of water in the Pycnometer method of determination of grain, the expression for the grain sp. gr.

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should be subtracted by the sp. gr. of kerosene

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