Irrigation Engineering

21) Basin irrigation is a method of irrigation in which

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a basin is formed around each tree or a group of trees and water is applied to these basins

22) Which of the following is not a Rabi crop

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23) The heavy crop among the following is

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sugar cane

24) What type of crop is the sugar cane

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25) Identify the correct pair of crop and harvesting time from the following:

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26) Which of the following is leguminous crop?

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27) The movement of water under or around a structure built on a permeable foundation is called

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28) Leaching is the process where by

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excess salts are dissolved in water and removed through infiltration

29) Soil moisture deficiency is the difference between

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field capacity and the existing soil moisture content

30) The field capacity is the moisture content present in the soil

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when all the gravity water is removed from it after saturation

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